Compare Texmaker and LaTex Workshop(An add-on of Visual Studio Code)

3 minute read


Based on my own requirements, I compared TexMaker and LaTex Workshop.


I have been used TexMaker for Latex file editing and Visual Code for editing my personal website for about a year when I am writing this blog. However, I never think about writing Latex with Visual Code until someone told me that might be a better option. There are some other options as Latex editor. But I would like to start with this comparison and might extend it later.


The comparison is in the dimensions of my requirements. So the comparison has limitation and might not be a suitable reference for your case. The comparison was applied to both Windows and Mac OX S. Some requirements depend on configuration or extension. The detail information of the configuration or extension are depicted for reference.


RequirementTexMaker on MacTexMaker on WindowLatexWorkshop on MacLatexWorkshop on Window
OutlineYesYesonly for single documentonly for single document
Project StructureYesYesonly with folder structureonly with folder structure
List of Opened FilesYes ("View"->"List of opened files")Yes ("View"->"List of opened files)YesYes
Embedded PDF ViewingYesYesYesYes
.tex and PDF SynchronizationYes (On the right click menu)Yes (On the right click menu)Yes (On the right click menu)Yes (On the right click menu)
Compilation Error NavigationYesYesNoNo
Symbol Input AssistanceYesYesNoNo
Input Auto CompleteYesYesYes(better)Yes(better)
Spelling CheckYesYesYes (Extensions)Yes (Extensions)
Grammar CheckNoNoYes (Extensions)Yes (Extensions)
Auto Build On SaveNoNoYesYes
Embedded Bibliography BuildYes (Config "Quick Build")Yes (Config "Quick Build")Yes (Config toolchain)Yes (Config toolchain)
Build from Component .texYes (Define Master Doc)Yes (Define Master Doc)YesYes


From the comparison result we can see that both TexMaker and Latex Workshop support most of my requirement. As a dedicated latex editor, TexMaker is a self-contained tool with all the built-in feature. On contrast, Visual Studio Code as a general code editor is more flexible and extensible.

TexMaker does not support grammar checking and auto build on save while Latex Workshop does not support symbol input assistance and outline of nested documents. Autobuild on save is not crucial. But the other ones are useful features. So that, if you need help on the grammar check, Visual code should be a better choice. On the other hand, if your writing has a lot of symbols such as mathematic formulas and you are not familiar with the latex symbols, TexMaker will make the things easier for you. Furthermore, if your documents are large and have complicated structure, Visual Code would not be a good environment for you.

Unfortunately, sometimes you need all of these features as me. In my case, I use TexMaker in the drafting stage at which the structure and writing change a lot and then switch to Visual Code in the review stage at which usually grammar checking is needed.